We are more than just a gateway to the global market, we are business developers who work to build relationships between customers, suppliers and you, the manufacturer. Your highly-innovative products deserve to get shelf-space around the world, so let us use our networking and distribution platform to introduce and launch your products with efficiency, longevity and success. Below are just a few of the critical services we offer.


Time zone management can be a nightmare when you’re shipping something from Beijing, China to Dallas, Texas. It can be even worse when you factor in international flights, receiving payments in different currencies or insuring foreign receivable. At CTG, we make all these problems disappear by managing your entire export procedure from start to finish. 


When products cross borders, there’s a whole slew of issues that arise that need proper documentation and record keeping. Not only is compliance in these matters mandatory, it can be extremely costly when you fall out of compliance. Let our expert team make sure you never miss a beat when it comes to international shipping and receiving. 

CPA Management

From conception to launch, we can manage every step along the path to product success. Using an advanced Project Management toolset, our project managers will ensure your milestones are met and product is positioned when and where it needs to be—we’ll even supply you with real-time access to your project with access through our web login. 


When you enter a foreign market you run the risk of suffering from formulation and label non-compliance. What’s more, when you fail to adhere to local legislation in the host country, you can suffer costly rejections or even product recalls. No matter where you ship or receive in the world, we’ll make sure that you are compliant with the local certifying bodies, and that you’re always aware of changing conditions. 

supporting services

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