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Jonathan Cornish

Jonathan is accountable for developing new business opportunities as well as introducing new developments to expansive retail markets. Outside of work, he’s an avid foodie who loves experiencing new foods and wines while traveling the world. Jonathan is happily married to his childhood sweetheart and has two children who he absolutely adores. He has a passion for sports, particularly squash and golf.


Michael Cornish

Michael is responsible for new business development within existing and potential customer areas. If Michael had his way, there would be no paper in the office and everything would exist in the cloud. He loves technology, productive systems and Microsoft Excel. When not on an airplane or in front of a computer, he can be found with his wife and two wonderful kids or in his workshop. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University.

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Christopher Cornish

Christopher has worked diligently in the Project Management field for the last five years. As organization has always been his strength, he has been responsible for more than 500 on-time product launches. He is well-versed in managing critical paths, and has a thorough understanding of food legislation in South Africa, the UK and Canada. He is a passionate foodie, enjoys the travelling component that comes along with his position, and is an avid tennis player. He holds a bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

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Yanina Albornoz

With a Master’s degree in Food Science from Texas A&M University, a Culinary Arts degree from Baltimore International College (Stratford University), and more than 18 years in the food industry, Yanina brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. Her industry experience includes holding major positions within large corporations while representing both suppliers and customer interests. Yanina fully understands the product development process from start to finish. She is zealous about food science and enjoys culinary creativity, fusion, and diversity, and believes that a chef with a science background has a longer shelf-life. Her other interests include keeping up with her two children, Zumba and scrapbooking.