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No more back and forth over email. Simply complete the following 3 steps to provide us with all of the information we will need to compose a presentation for our network of global retailers:

Tell us more about you and your company.  What makes you great, and why should our retailers stock your product range? Please complete just one submission for your company.

No time for broken telephone. Share more about your product, its story, the production process or that special ingredient that grandma developed decades ago. Please complete one form per product.


A picture is worth a thousand a high quality image really enhances your product's marketability. Please upload images for the product, social media related to the product, and/or logo or press kit images using the image uploader. There is no limit to the number of files you are able to share with us. 


  1. Name the file as follows:
    1. YourCompanyName_ProductName_ImageNumber
  2. Provide clear, high resolution images.
  3. Where possible, ensure there is no background to the image. Solid white backgrounds, such as the example below, are preferred.
Filename: CorTechGroup_BasmatiRice_1

Filename: CorTechGroup_BasmatiRice_1