Exclusivity is part of the foundation of our business model. As a retailer, you don’t just want any product sitting on your shelves; you need high-quality, desirable, and innovative products that delight your customers and impact your bottom line. We work hard to find the best products and strong price points that match your respective market. Below are just a few ways we ensure that happens.


Sourcing isn’t just making a few calls and finding out which products are on the rise. It’s about taking the long, late-night flights to meet with manufacturers and see their factories with our own eyes. In essence, we match what’s said on paper with the realities of what we can see for ourselves. We care about your customers, which is why we only select manufacturers who care about their products. We’re out to make a positive difference through select products, and we guarantee you’ll like the results.

margin MAKERS

More than just being able to offer your customers an exciting and complete shopping experience, you want to achieve margin gains that propel your business into the future. An integral part of our sourcing and filtering process includes an in-depth landed-cost analysis, as well as a market-comparable analysis, both of which ensure you only invest time evaluating products that are both relevant and commercially feasible for your market.

Supply chain MANAGEMENT

Crossing international borders highlights the importance of professional compliance management and risk mitigation. We provide a full spectrum of supply chain management from documentary compliance through consolidated shipping and handling to destination market regulatory compliance. Our job is to ensure you're evaluating and introducing product ranges which are relevant, reliable and available. 


When you work with CTG, there’s no longer a need to manage multiple vendors within your Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, or even worry about time-intensive training sessions getting new vendors up to speed. We capture and present your information in an easy-to-follow format no matter where the product originates. This means less time training suppliers and more time optimizing your product catalogue.


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